If your property is on the market you will already be making sure potential buyers have a good first impression once they walk through the door, but what about your home’s kerb appeal? Buyers and renters are judging your home from its exterior appearance too, so while you’re focusing on how your home looks and smells inside pop outside to wow them from the kerb!

Here are five easy ways to wow potential buyers with kerb appeal.

Quick Clean

An obvious but essential tip to instantly improve your home’s kerb appeal is to clean the front exterior. From your path to your windows, a quick sweep and wipe over will make a huge difference and won’t cost you anything. A few cloths, a sturdy brush and a power hose is all you’ll need to give your front entrance a little makeover prior to any potential buyers knocking on your door.

Plant Power

Plants are the best way to add a touch of colour and brighten up the outside of your home. Potted plants, hanging baskets and topiary trees are a popular and inexpensive choice for homeowners to improve their kerb appeal yet still be able to take them with them to their new property. If you’re short on space there are many options for versatile containers and planters that are also easy to update.

Entrance Envy

Front doors and porches can easily get grubby thanks to the British weather, from leftover leaves to sun-smeared windows. Whether your entrance needs a good clean or lick of paint, make sure yours stands out from the rest, instantly attracting potential buyers from the street.

Get it repaired

Broken fencing, a loose gate, or any other odd jobs that you have been putting off – all of these need to get done. You may not be able to notice them as much now time has passed, but you can be assured that it will be the first thing that catches the eye of a buyer.

Lighten Up

Not every viewing will be in the daytime; to really impress potential buyers you should be flexible with your viewings, meaning that some may be undertaken at night. To make sure you still offer your buyers a warm welcome, add some external lighting where needed.

Know Your Number

How easily can someone new find your home? Your neighbour may have their number displayed but do you want to leave a potential buyer guessing if they’ve got the right property? By clearly displaying your home’s number or name, potential buyers will have more time to view the important parts of your property rather than walking the streets wondering where it is.

It’s easy to wow potential buyers with kerb appeal. These simple yet effective tips will mean that you start each viewing off on the best possible foot. For more advice on how to prepare your home for sale, contact our team on 01633 870777.