When looking for a new home, it’s all about location, location, location. What makes one location more attractive to you than another, and make you want to buy, buy, buy? New research from Good Move has looked into what us Brits feel is on our top ‘location’ wish list.

1) Scenic views - 44% Luckily for our buyers, particularly those coming from Bristol, we are fortunate to have beautiful rolling Welsh countryside on our doorstep. Many areas, like Caerleon, Langstone and Bassaleg are surrounded by a breathtakingly dramatic landscape yet are just a short drive away from the city centre. When viewing a property you may forget to look what type of boiler there is, or whether or not the appliances are integrated, but we bet that you check the views from every window!

2) Budget supermarkets, such as Aldi, Lidl and Iceland - 39% Over the past few years, UK shoppers have increasingly been ditching traditional supermarkets in favour of budget stores, mainly due to rising inflation and stagnating wages. New and improved Aldi and Lidl stores have been popping up everywhere and more are set to be updated in and around Newport. Risca is home to a new modern Aldi, which is attracting shoppers from close by Tesco. Newport city centre will soon be home to a brand new Aldi.

3) Local restaurants/bars - 37% Independently run restaurants are popular in the areas that we cover, from The Priory in Caerleon to The Kings Head in Usk, and Tiny Rebel in Rogerstone. The atmosphere of local restaurants and bars lures patrons away from chains, particularly in the villages and towns on the outskirts of the city. Buyers are looking for homes in areas with a strong sense of community and local entertainment, and we have plenty of properties to offer them.

4) Traditional pubs - 36% What have Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale all got in common? The lives of the residents all revolve around a local traditional pub. Although the storylines might be a bit farfetched, your local pub is still filled with neighbours, friends and, well, locals! It’s not surprising that buyers are searching for a home with a traditional local pub not too far away. The small village of Caerleon boasts eight pubs, all offering something different to its regulars and newcomers.

5) Independent shops - 34% Recently, the small town of Crickhowell was named home to the UK’s best high street, thanks to its abundance of family-run and independent shops and bars. Many of the nearby towns are following suit, embracing independently run businesses including cafes, butchers and clothing stores. It’s great to see that buyers are now actively looking for this type of local amenity and we’re lucky enough to sell and rent houses in areas proud of their small independently owned retailers.

The research also showed that buyers are looking for nearby walking trails, high-end supermarkets, catchments for certain schools, coffee shops and local libraries.

When you have identified what you want out of the location of your next home, we can find you the perfect spot. Where will you compromise? Will you travel a bit further to a local store to ensure your home has those stunning views you’ve dreamed of? Or, is being in walking distance of amenities the top priority for you?

Often it’s only by viewing a variety of properties that you can start to drill down to what really matters to you in a home. We can help you find your next home in the right location by listening to what you say and what you don’t say. Never underestimate the ‘wild card’.

If you want to get moving, call our team today.