Would you prefer your next home to be more eco-friendly? According to research by Legal & General conducted with You.Gov, buyers will pay up to 20% premium for a low carbon home. In addition to this, the data shows that home buyers are now including energy efficient, sustainable features as more important than the size of the property.

In the past we have written blog posts on what buyers/tenants are looking for in a home and the most searched words on Zoopla but it seems that recently energy efficiency has taken over! In order to appeal to as many motivated potential buyers as possible here are some small (and big) changes to make your home more eco-friendly.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Everyone knows that energy saving light bulbs last up to 12 times as much as traditional bulbs whilst providing the same amount of light By using energy saving light bulbs you can not only save money but also reduce your carbon emissions by up to 40kg a year.

Energy Efficient Appliances

When it’s time to replace your washing machine, fridge freezer, oven or dishwasher look at the energy saving appliances that are available. Potential buyers will be impressed with the different areas in which they could save energy around the home, even if you’re not planning on leaving them in the property you could still inspire them to go green when they move in.

Insulation & Draught Proofing

Did you know that 40% of the heat in your home is lost through gaps in your windows, doors and floor? Double or triple glazing, cavity wall insulation, loft insulation or even draught excluders and window seals can help so if your home has any of these features make sure you let us know so we can include it in your property’s description and point out during viewings.

Smart Thermostat

A wifi-enabled thermostat can be remote controlled from any smart device. This type of technology can appeal to potential buyers as well as being extremely useful especially during the colder months to fire up your heating in time for you coming home.

Upgrade your Boiler

What do you know about your boiler? Is it energy efficient? When was it last serviced? A broken boiler is never ideal so to ensure that it’s running smoothly for you and a potential buyer invest in a modern boiler or at least arrange to have it serviced regularly.

If you’re planning on selling your home then let us give you a free market led valuation. If you then decide to sell with us be sure to let us know all about your home’s energy efficient features so we can pass them on to the potential buyers.