The summer boom continues for the rental market with tenants on the search for new leases post lockdown. We can help you find the right property, but it’s down to you to transform the house into a home. Just because you’re renting, doesn’t mean your home can’t ooze style. We are all spending more time around the house, giving you the time to put your own stamp on each area of the house, including the garden.

If you’re wondering how you can personalise your rental property then look no further. Here are our landlord-friendly tips for making your rental feel more like home.

Add lighting

Perfectly placed lighting can not only brighten up a room, but can make a space feel bigger. Nothing beats natural light but where this isn’t possible consider using lamps, candles, fairy lights and even floor flights. All of these features can be repositioned and removed to take with you to your next home.

Say it with colour

You may not be able to paint the walls but there’s nothing stopping you from painting your furniture to freshen it up. You can choose bold colours or stick to a theme in each room. You can add colours in many other ways, such as curtains, accessories, rugs and even picture frames.

Update soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are a fun and inexpensive way to add your personality to a property. There are many discount shops that sell a wide range of soft furnishings at low prices meaning you can change your style, depending on the season or your mood.

Make it all about you

To really make your space feel like home add some personal touches that truly represent you. Photographs, memories from trips away, and personalised art can all be hung, placed or even leant up in different areas of the home.

Bring the outside in

You’ll be surprised what you can do with plants around your home. Not only do they add some colour and life to a space they can also help to clean the air in a room. If you’re not particularly green-fingered look for some artificial plants to brighten up a dark corner.

Accessorise your outdoors

We’re all spending more time in our gardens and although you may not want to spend money landscaping, you can purchase furniture, accessories and even cooking apparatus to enjoy outside and take with you when you move. Mirrors, lighting and outdoor rugs are all popular and cheap accessories to personalise your outdoor space.

Before you make any alterations talk to your landlord, they may even allow more changes than you think, allowing you to put your own stamp on the property whilst still improving its overall look.

Our rental properties aren’t staying on the mark for long. If you’re looking for a new home to rent call our team on 01633 870777. We have a selection of properties available from one-bedroom flats to detached family homes.