When selling your home you want to do everything you can to ensure you achieve the highest sale price possible. Even before you invite us into your home for a valuation, it’s important that you present your property in its best light, and we don’t just mean a quick tidy! Your valuation will be based on several factors, many of which you cannot control, for example, location, size and age, but this doesn’t mean you can’t help to boost its appeal to potential buyers.

The last thing you will want to do is anything that could devalue your home. Sadly, we often see that even though sellers have the best intentions, there are common mistakes that have a negative impact on their property’s value.

What are these mistakes?

Overall condition of the property

The overall condition of your property will have an effect on not just the initial valuation but also what potential buyers are actually willing to pay for it. The majority of today’s buyers are looking for a home they can walk into without having to undertake costly works. Of course they will want to put their stamp on it, but buyers will factor in the cost of works needed and may put in a cheeky offer as a result. Therefore, we recommend giving your whole property a once over before it goes on the market.

Dodgy DIY

Sometimes ‘doing it yourself’ is not the best idea! Yes, it’s a short-term fix but potential buyers won’t see it like that and it could actually cost you more in the long run. By going through every room you may spot more little DIY jobs that you didn’t realise you had – call in the experts and prevent your property from being unnecessarily devalued.

Planning Permission

You’d be right in thinking that extensions, conversions and additional buildings can add value to your home, but only if they are completed correctly and to the right standards, with the appropriate planning permission and building regulations. If you haven’t got all of the right paperwork this can affect the value of the property and may mean that you face big expenses before the sale can be agreed. Remember, delays can make buyers nervous, and they may end up walking away all together.

Suspicious Smells

From pets to teenagers, we’ve all encountered a suspicious smell in our houses now and again, but when you’re trying to sell you can’t afford for this to happen. We’ve all become immune to the smell of our own house, so freshen it up before a viewing by opening windows and lighting the odd candle. Try to avoid too many overpowering ‘nice’ smells though, as this could have the opposite effect.

Japanese Knotweed

You may be unaware that this intrusive plant is growing around your home and potentially causing damage to the foundations. This evasive plant can be a huge hindrance when it comes to selling your home, and it is your responsibility to get it eradicated. Our advice is toll call a professional if you spot Japanese Knotweed, to prevent it from devaluing your home before it’s too late.

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