“‘For sale’ boards are an eyesore, and of no benefit.” “With the digital age they’re obsolete, and this archaic tradition needs to stop.” These are just some of the misconceptions that people have about ‘for sale’ boards, but I am here to take a stand for ‘for sale’ boards and let you know why they are more important than ever.I’m sorry to inform you that buyers don’t have psychic powers; they are not going to miraculously know when they’re passing by that your home is on the market.

Yes, the majority of people will start their search on the internet, but in this area, many still find their next home just passing by. We tend to find buyers have a good idea of where they want to live, and will often drive around the community looking out for estate agent boards.

It isn’t just about the area though; they also want to see the property and what surrounds it for themselves, rather than just looking at images on a screen. It is not just buyers that are attracted by ‘for sale’ signs, it also gets the ball rolling on the most powerful form of marketing in the land – word of mouth. In close communities such as ours, it is common for people to talk about whose house is on the market, and, “Did you hear, such and such are thinking of moving?” These little conversations can start a chain reaction; word spreads, those interested may take a nosey on the internet to see what the property looks like internally, and how it is laid out.

Next, we will receive a call requesting a viewing, and things move on from there. Often, in these ‘word of mouth’ circumstances, we find that the buyers are not actively looking, they are not spending their evenings playing at property searches on Rightmove. But upon hearing that your property is on the market, something starts to niggle inside them, that niggle keeps growing and growing, and before you know it they have made an offer. Not everyone plans to move home; sometimes it’s thrust upon them, some want to live in a certain area, a certain street, even a certain house. They are patient; they will wait for months, even years, just for the right house to come along, without a ‘for sale’ board you are missing out on these high-quality potential buyers. Let’s not forget those that are new to the area; street names mean nothing to them, initially.

They will be driving around our community looking for areas they like, searching for those boards that will signal that there is a home for sale. Buyers may start their search online, but this is certainly not the only way that buyers find the house that they purchase. Don’t hinder your sale by hiding your property from those that may be looking to buy. For more advice on how you can help or hinder your sale, contact a member of our team.