Our senses are powerful things; they can evoke many emotions, inspire memories, and provoke immediate responses. There are scents we love, and those we loath. Even though Halloween is upon us, we don’t want to give any potential buyer a Fright Night, which is why we’ve put together these fragrant tips.Cauldron capersThe evening before a viewing you may have spent time creating a tasty concoction for your family, or treated yourselves to a thrilling takeaway, but have you considered the aromas of the food that you are eating? Strong smells can linger and even dominate your home. I’m sure you have experienced that ‘morning after’ fragrance when you’ve walked into the kitchen - you don’t want any potential buyers to experience the same.Scooby snacksPets are a part of our families; we love them so much that we no longer notice their scent lingering in our homes. But the devilish noses of potential buyers will not be immune to this, and they’ll know that you have a pet before they even step foot in your home. You can minimise the impact of this by taking steps to remove odour-producing items like beds, toys and litter trays. It is also worth giving carpets and furnishings a deep clean, and try a deodorising product. Frightening floorsCarpets are like large sponges; it isn’t just animal aromas that they cling onto, but all smells in your home. Cleaners like the Rug Doctor can be easily hired from your local supermarket, not only will they eradicate smells, they will also give your carpets a good clean too. If you want to go one step further, hire a professional carpet cleaner; you will be horrified by what comes out of your floors, but also amazed by the end result.Artificial apparitionCandles, diffusers, plug-ins - many of us love using artificial scents in our home, but these can be very strong, and might be distracting to a potential buyer, especially if it’s a scent they don’t like. You want any buyer to be focused on one thing and one thing only, and that’s your home. So instead of using artificial scents, create natural aromas such as fresh flowers, coffee or herbs; you could even make your own potpourri by drying natural ingredients. These aromas are subtler than artificial ones, and will also give a more homely feeling to your property.ScreamPotential buyers are nosy, especially when they are in your kitchen; they’ll want to know where the fridge and freezer are and, even though it may be obvious, they will be filled with a supernatural desire to open them up and take a peek inside. Will they be left screaming at the smells creeping out of your fridge, or will they be singing for joy? You may not always have time to give it a thorough deep clean, but you can remove any odour by simply placing pieces of a sliced lemon throughout your fridge.It’s not all hocus pocusWe want you to bewitch your potential buyers this autumn, and by eliminating spooky aromas you will be one broomstick closer to them wanting to turn your house into their home.For more advice on how to prepare your home for sale, contact a member of our sales team.