The summer is a fantastic season for tennis, with the dry days and light evenings. I’ve been displaying my own athletic skills at the Cwmbran Tennis club, it’s a great way to relax and can often be entertaining. The most thrilling of matches is when you get two players of the same level, it’s beautiful to watch. To achieve this you need the perfect balance of player against player; not just any player will do, it has to be the right player - and the same can be said of finding tenants. Game You want a tenant in your property as quickly as possible, and most agents will willfully oblige. But the tenancy game is more complicated than that. Any tenant can let a property, but will they be reliable? Will they treat your property with the same care and respect as you would? Are they looking for a home? The tenancy game is not about finding any tenant, but the right tenant for your needs and your property. We are patient; we don’t rush into signing contracts until we are absolutely as sure as we can be. That doesn’t mean we are slow, but after years in the property industry, we are perceptive and able to assess a situation quickly. Set We’re always looking at the bigger picture. Void periods can be a huge strain on your finances, and we want your tenancy to run as smoothly as possible. If your tenant feels at home, they are more likely to renew. Providing the right ‘set’ for attracting tenants is essential: updated décor, clean and modern furnishings, and a property that looks well cared for. Just like a home for sale, your property needs to grab a tenant’s attention at first sight. A tenant’s needs are just as important as yours, which is why they need to match. Match Not every tenant or property will be the perfect fit, what you have to offer will only match a selection of the prospective tenants looking for a home to let. It is important that we, as your letting agent, are honest with both parties to ensure a successful tenancy. It is about providing the all important information and guidance that each party needs to make the right decision for them. There is no point pushing a tenant into a property in an area where public transport is limited if they work in Cardiff. This will only lead to frustration for the tenant, who will, in turn, start to have negative thoughts about your property, and the tenancy will begin to break down. Game, set, and match The game, set, and match to finding tenants are about having the knowledge and expertise to know how best to attract tenants, and the confidence to find the right match. Don’t mess around with the tenancy game, provide the right set and we will find you the match.

image credit to IPTL World