Not all home improvement projects add thousands to your property. If you’re selling your property, we want to help you achieve the best sale price by offering you expert advice on ways to add real value to your property. So, if you’re going to invest your hard-earned cash in home improvements, take it from us, here are five of your best bets:


Outdoor space is a priority for many buyers, and having your very own piece of nature is an attractive selling point. However, if your garden is unkempt, over-grown and neglected, it won’t help buyers to imagine summer garden parties; rather, they will be picturing the nightmarish task of tackling the jungle before them.A garden is a continuation of your property, and creating a desirable space that buyers just want to relax in will not only increase the attractiveness of your property, but could add value too. Think about how to design your garden so that there is a place to sit and a place to play, for example. Use planting to add colour and texture, but ensure you are able to maintain it with ease, as you don’t want to undo all your hard work.


Create more living space or another bedroom in your property; popular choices include building an extension, adding a conservatory, or converting a basement or loft. The initial investment can be a bit of a financial hit, but increasing the square-footage of your home will increase its value too. Creating extra rooms or transforming un-used spaces into functional living areas has been reported to add up to 20% to your property’s value.

Kitchens and bathrooms

If they are well thought out, kitchens and bathrooms can add a little luxury to your property and positively influence the value of your property. However, dated or dirty fittings can be very off-putting for buyers, and so immediately reduce the value of your property. If you want to refresh your kitchen or bathroom without a complete refit, a deep clean will make them shine like new, and you can update the space with new taps, cupboards, flooring and lighting. Many buyers are also looking for an extra bathroom, so you could even consider creating an en-suite or downstairs W.C. 


Your property décor may be superficial and cosmetic, but peeling paint and tired décor is a sign of a neglected property. This implies that there could be other underlying faults, which will affect the value of your house. This is where home staging comes in, and with a lick of neutral paint, a thorough declutter and some well-chosen accessories, you can make your property more appealing. 

Energy efficient

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important to home buyers, not only to save the planet, but also to reduce bills and increase property value. Installing double-glazed windows and a modern boiler will improve the EPC rating of your home, and adding a fireplace will reduce heating costs and create a feature in your property. Other eco extras, and a common sight on new build properties, are solar panels.Before you knock down walls or build an extension, chat to our team, as their advice could prove valuable.Please also remember – you need to make sure you don’t undo any of the good work you do to your property by choosing the wrong Estate Agent. The wrong Agent could cost you literally thousands of pounds, especially if you have paid your fee up front. A couple of hundred pounds more in fees, upon completion, could mean you obtain several thousands of pounds more for your property.Feel free contact us we would love to have the opportunity to advise you on all of the above.

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