Well, May has been a washout, but we're not letting the weather stop us from making the most of our garden. With our fingers tightly crossed that the sunshine finds us this summer here are some helpful tips to ensure your garden flourishes throughout July and August.


Officially it was the start of the summer at the beginning of June and although that is yet to be proven by the current temperatures you still need to be doing these jobs in the garden. Choose a dry day, if there is one, and make the most of the long days to keep on top of your gardening. Your priority this month is clean out your sheds/outbuilding, top up any paintwork, complete any weeding and look after the lawn.

Each year your shed will begin to fill up with clutter accumulated over the winter months, it's now time to get rid of anything that isn't needed or wasn't used last year. Big brand supermarkets often have wonderful summer sales on garden furniture and accessories, making it a great time to get rid of those broken chairs and paddling pools!

A quick and easy way to bring your garden, patio and other areas back to life is to give it a good jet wash. You will be surprised by how much dirt has collected over the year but is easily removed by a pressure washer and good scrub.

With the mixture of sunshine and rain, your weeds and lawn will have been growing more than usual. We suggest giving your garden a weekly weeding and mow to prevent it from getting out of control, particularly if you have any potential buyers coming by.


In the hope that the sun beams down on us this July, you will need to water your garden and plants daily. Even on cloudy days, your soil and lawn can dry out so to encourage growth, and flowering keep a close eye on your plants and lawn.

When was the last time you weatherproofed your decking, fences or outbuildings? To preserve and prolong these areas of your garden, you should be treating them every two the three years.

If birds have been nesting in your garden's bushes and hedges you can now spend some time trimming them back without disturbing them. If this job isn't kept on top of it can not only make your garden look untidy, overgrown bushes will make your outdoor space appear smaller than it actually is.


Your garden should be a beautiful shade of green, and your flowers should be flourishing, it's soon time to sit back and enjoy all of your hard work, but first, you have a few jobs to complete.

While your plants will have flowered be sure to keep them looking tidy by removing any deadheads and obviously water regularly.

Keep your greenhouses and outbuildings cool by leaving a window/door slightly open this will also allow for any animals who have been nesting during the summer to find their way back out again.

Your next job is to clean the barbeque and invite your friends and family around for an afternoon in the sun! It’s also a great time to get to know your neighbours.

If you have a property to sell or would like to move home this summer, you can call our team on 01633 870777.