Congratulations on selling your home! Before the stress of moving takes over, we’re here with your complete survival guide. You’ve done the hard bit, getting your home on the market, welcoming potential buyers to look around, and have accepted an offer. Now is not the time to lose your cool. Adding kids and pets into the mix can add complications, but our survival tips will help you cope!

Moving with Kids

As parents, you know your children better than anyone, so you’ll know if it would help them to be a part of the moving process or if they would cope better staying with a family friend while you set up your new home. It’s wise to make them a priority by getting their rooms completed first, giving them longer to settle into their new surroundings.

When the big day arrives, there are a few extra little tips that can help things run smoothly. As you drive to your new home, play the radio or perhaps make a special playlist. Hearing your favourite songs can instantly change your mood and add some fun to the moment leading up to your arrival at your new home. Once you step through the door and introduce them to their new room, get their favourite toys on standby. Familiarity will really help settle them in quicker.

Alternatively, why not let your kids be surrounded by fun rather than boxes and short tempers while you get on with moving. But where to take them?

Energi Adventure Park has been transformed into a 20,000 sq ft of connected inflatables!

From crazy golf to treetop adventures, the Celtic Manor has activities that both you and your kids can enjoy.

If you want to keep your kids occupied all day long, take them to Cefyn Mably Farm Park, which has a petting zoo and indoor soft play area.

Go Play and Go Vertical are found at Cwmbran Stadium offering soft play and a climbing wall seven days a week.

Moving with Pets

Moving isn’t easy for anyone, and animals are no different. Although you might talk to your pet you will probably struggle to help them grasp the concept of moving house! So what can you do instead? Prior to moving day, arrange for someone to look after your pet while you focus on the move. Once you are ready to introduce them to their new home, first keep them contained to just one room and slowly let them familiarise themselves with each new space.

The surroundings will obviously be all new, but not everything has to change. Avoid buying new beds, toys and blankets straight away as it will help to have familiar possessions around them. In case your pet somehow manages to escape, make sure that they are microchipped and are wearing an ID tag if possible. During the first few days, give them extra attention for reassurance.

It’s always best to keep them away from the chaos, so let someone else take care of them whilst you manage your move.

Woof Newport are local pet sitters who can take care of your dog, cat or even iguana!

You may choose to have your pet groomed while you move – Fur n Feathers also offer boarding for most caged domestic animals.

Ty Coch Stud in Cwmbran offer luxury accommodation for your beloved pet, they probably won’t want to leave!

For dog walking and day care, you can let your pet spend the day with Chris from Pride of the Pack.

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful events in our lives, and you’ll want to ensure your kids and pets have a positive experience of the day. If you have a property to sell and need a valuation, call our team on 01633 870 777 or visit us at