Do you remember the moment you knew your house was the one? Has that feeling faded? Are you secretly looking at other houses wishing you lived there instead? You don’t need to feel guilty, perhaps it’s just time to move on! Your home may even be telling you it’s time to sell…

Are the walls closing in?

The space may have been perfect at first, but are the walls starting to close in? Rooms that once felt bright and spacious are starting to look dull and cramped. Your family may have grown but unfortunately, your home hasn’t. A lack of space can be stressful, but this is also a sign that you need a home that fits you and your needs.

It’s not just the walls that can feel like they’re losing in, your garden fences may also give you the same feeling. We’re using our outdoor space more than ever so the size of your garden can impact how you feel about the whole property. Whether you’re entertaining more or the kids are playing outside for longer a garden is an extended living space so it’s important to have the area that fits your lifestyle.

We have properties available that offers you the space you need and our sales team are ready to show you around.

Are you rattling around?

If you’ve found yourself rattling around in your home then perhaps you’ve already made the decision to move. Downsizing has so many benefits from wasted space to saving you money, it’s worth considering if you’re current home is trying to tell you something.

Your home may be filled with wonderful memories but it shouldn’t stop you from finding a place that you can feel at home without having to pay extra for unused space, unnecessary cleaning or maintenance costs.

When it comes to downsizing we can support you on your sale whilst we help you find a new place to call home.

Are you in the right location?

Have the events of the past year made you realise that perhaps you’re living in the wrong area? Location is so important to a happy home life, many people are now working from home or would like to be close to loved ones.

If the location of your home has become a burden then consider looking at homes in a preferred area and get your current property valued. An up to date market-led valuation can allow you to see how much you can afford on a new home

Our sales team can provide you with a free valuation and our mortgage advisor can guide you through the current rates and what you can potentially afford.

If your home is telling you it’s time to sell then maybe it’s time to listen. To get your property on the market this summer contact our team on 01633 870777.