How long does it take you to decide whether you want to buy something?  You may be one of those who searches the interweb for the best deal so you can save yourself a couple of pounds.  A certain brand may have your allegiance, based on the quality of their product and past experiences, and therefore the decision is swift.  But what about buying a home? How long would it take you to decide if a property is the one for you?A study undertaken by Foxtons highlights some fascinating results regarding house-hunter habits:The majority of buyers start their search online; this could be through an agent’s website or on a major property portal such as Rightmove.  We know the importance of the marketing we produce for a property, which should have everything from high-quality photographs to user friendly details.  We know we have to grab a buyer’s attention and, as the study found, buyers make their decision on whether to view a property in only 8 minutes.So in the time it takes to make yourself a brew in the advert break of your favourite programme, someone has decided whether they want to view your property for sale.  This is why it is essential that you do all you can to present your home in the best possible light for photographs, as it is these images that your home will be judged on.One of the most fascinating finds was that 15% of homeowners admitted they had decided to buy a house before even viewing it, such is the power of great photography.So what about the viewing itself? according to the Foxtons study, buyers make the decision of whether they should buy or run within 10 minutes.  The advantage of us accompanying any potential buyer to a viewing means we are there to address any concerns they may have.  We can also provide them with the information they need to make an offer, should they seem to be headed in that direction.For many buyers, the decision to buy is an emotional one; they may get ‘that’ feeling as soon as they walk through the door, or it could gradually creep up on them.  Our job is to help them realise the potential of the property, see how it meets their needs, and allow them the time to visualise themselves living there.  It may only take on average just 10 minutes to decide whether it is the one, but we never rush a viewing.It’s incredible to think that most of us take more time buying a car than buying one of the biggest assets we will own, our home.  But there is a lot to be said for gut feelings, and seeing the excitement on the faces of buyers when they get the keys to their new home really says it all.If you’re thinking of selling your home, make sure you work with your estate agent to ensure the photographs of your property are the best they can be.  Remember, you only have 8 minutes to make a lasting impression.