We are all waiting in anticipation on the next government update, in the meantime we are doing our best to stay at home, knowing that curbing the spread of the coronavirus is essential. It’s hard to stay positive during these uncertain times, however, we have some ideas to keep you occupied! Let’s get back to basics and learn your ABCs!

Avid TV fan

You will certainly be getting your money’s worth for any television subscriptions that you pay for. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are three of the most popular streaming services that offer your family TV programmes, films, documentaries and more, all to watch at your leisure.

Those that have been putting off starting a new series because you “don’t have the time” think again! You can now have an opinion on Games of Thrones, or follow the latest season of Sex Education which was filmed at the University in Caerleon, Newport.

Book Worm

Whether you have a favourite reading chair or are enjoying the sun in your garden, dig out your favourite books to read throughout your time at home. Or if you fancy devouring something new, there is a huge variety of e-books and audiobooks easily accessible online.

Reading has many benefits, however mental stimulation and stress reduction are two that are most beneficial in the current circumstances. Keep your brain active, use your books as a distraction to maintain a healthy balanced outlook.

Creative Crafts

This is a great time to find your inner Blue Peter presenter, and recreate all of those craft activities from Art Attack to make at home, you’ll probably enjoy it more than the kids! There are endless ideas and suggestions online that can all be done within the home.

Being creative isn’t just limited to the kids, there are also simple home décor ideas, such as making candles, basic upcycling and potting plants.


Many people have already thought ahead, planning some DIY jobs or home decorating, to fill this unexpected break at home. Carrying out any minor repairs, painting a room or make the most of the sunshine and treat your garden fence.

Those that have been putting off any jobs around the home, now is the time to embrace them, you can involve the children where possible and improve your home ready for the summer.

Embrace technology

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch with your family and friends. There are many free apps that use the internet which allow you to video chat using your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

Consider downloading these apps to stay connected during the coronavirus pandemic. Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Houseparty, Skype and Google Hangouts. Some people are even using these apps for group video calls, playing fun quizzes or even just a simple girly catch up.


And finally, focus on the positives of being at home. Enjoy spending quality time with your family, or embrace the break from your normal hustle and bustle lifestyle. Take this time to relax and appreciate the small things around you.

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