We are being encouraged to stay home and stay safe but that doesn’t stop us from looking forward to lockdown being lifted. When ‘normal life’ resumes what’s the first thing you plan on doing or in some cases, plan on eating? Families will be reunited, businesses will reopen and the things we’ve been dreaming of during lockdown will all be possible. What have you got planned for life after lockdown? We’ve asked our team for their plans to share with you.

Family Time

More than anything we’ve all missed our family, so we’re sure like us you will be planning no end of family meals, sleepovers and days out. The Two-Metre Rule will be in the past, and we’ll all be able to hug and kiss our family again, making up for the lost time.


Food shopping alone isn’t quite the same as enjoying a day out at your favourite mall or high street with your partner or friends. You’ll soon be able to try on clothes, even stop for lunch, before wandering through endless shops, buying clothes to actually wear outside!

Eat, Sleep, Repeat

If you have been anything like us lockdown has led to an increase in snacking, but it hasn’t stopped us from craving our favourite food from a local restaurant, takeaways or fast food places. Cooking what’s in your cupboard isn’t quite the same as being waited on, or indulging in a naughty treat.

Pub Crawl

Whilst not condoning excessive drinking, meeting up with friends and visiting your local pubs is probably high on most people’s lists. You will have missed the human interaction, and local businesses will need your trade more than ever.

At Your Leisure

Going to the cinema, swimming or bowling all seem like basic activities, but since they’ve been taken away from us they feel like more fun than ever! Get your popcorn ready, polish off your bowling shoes, as the weekends are about to be filled with fun.


How has your life been without sport? The Premier League was postponed, Wimbledon was withdrawn, and the Olympics has been obstructed by the coronavirus. As well as watching your favourite sport, you will also be able to take part in your hobbies again or even take up a new hobby.


With most holidays cancelled or postponed, we are being encouraged to opt for a staycation instead. From beautiful cities to seaside resorts the UK has it all. Spend your money on British businesses that have managed to survive the lockdown and discover what’s on your doorstep.

 Move Home

Whether you were already on the search for a new home or being on lockdown has convinced you to move, you can contact our team to arrange viewings or a valuation. Spending so much time in one place may have made you realise that you need more space, or perhaps you’ve decided that it’s time to downsize. Be the first to find your dream home or to open your doors to potential buyers by talking to our team.


We can’t wait to throw our doors open and get back to helping you buy, sell, let or rent your property. If you have any questions you can reach us at info@hathways.co.uk