Tinder, the popular dating app that is changing the way people meet people around the world.  Even if you haven’t subscribed to this  ‘swipe right to like, swipe left to pass’ method of dating, you will no doubt of heard of this cheeky app.In today’s world, we want everything instantly, and the success of the app has been down to the speed at which you can make a decision.  There may not be a Tinder for property yet, but we all make instant decisions when looking to buy a home, and this popular dating app can teach you a few things about selling your home.
  1. Looks matter
We all make decisions every day based on how something looks.  What may be the dream for some, could be a nightmare for others.  You want potential buyers to ‘swipe right’ because they love what they see, and they will make that judgement in a matter of seconds.If we want to transform ourselves, we might adopt a healthy eating plan, go to the gym or hire a personal trainer, treat ourselves to a new wardrobe and maybe a beauty treatment or 10.  The same goes for your property; a fresh coat of paint, flooring upgrades and some new accessories will help to present the best version of your home.Many of our decisions are made based on emotions rather than logic, so grab their attention, and then win their hearts.
  1. Edit the crazy
Let’s be honest, no one shares every single part of themselves on a dating site.  We present ourselves in the way that we want to be seen - if we showed all the crazy, we might not get any likes!Although you may love your out of control pig collection, your pet snake, or your love of bizarre wallpaper, sadly not everyone will get it.Your home needs to attract the widest pool of potential buyers possible.  When you have moved you can let your crazy explode onto your new home, but until then you need to edit and edit big.
  1. Some will swipe left
Even though you have edited your crazy and ensured that your home looks like it should be in Hello magazine, there will be some buyers that still say no.  At Hathways we always ask for feedback, and often they give us constructive criticism that help us to recommend changes that would make your home more appealing.This is not a moment to sob into a bucket of wine with the biggest box of chocolates you can get your hands on at short notice.You want a date: a moving date.  Get the changes made, and that moving date could be sooner than you thought.First impressions lastDon’t leave selling your home to chance, get it right and your buyers will be swiping right every time.Do you want to know how much your home is worth? Call our team today.