Lots of people like to feel they “are getting a bargain” when buying a property. However is it really a bargain you are looking for or a HOME for the next 5, 10 or 20 plus years? Obviously if you are a property developer then you have to have a different outlook, however, the vast majority of purchasers are people looking for a home to live in. If the property feels right and you are not making too many compromises (it is very rare you find a property that is 100% perfect!) then this feeling really needs to be the priority along with the financial affordability. The market IS improving and there are more mortgage deals appearing daily so the harsh reality is if you don’t buy the property someone else is likely to. There have been a few occasions lately where people have lost a property by trying too hard to “get a bargain” by offering low and then losing out to someone who comes in at a more realistic price and the vendor goes with them (often after being insulted by the low offer!) One important point is that most buyers will have a survey on a property prior to purchase. This will usually be for the benefit of a mortgage lender so the surveyor WILL definitely say if they feel you are paying over the odds for a property and at this point re-negotiation could take place.