I think we can all agree that 2020 has been quite the year, however, January 1st gives us the opportunity to start the New Year with positivity and possibilities. We can’t change what’s going on around us but there’s nothing stopping us from accomplishing our own goals. As Estate Agents we’re focussing our new year’s resolution suggestions for around the home. You spend more time at home more than ever so why not make it a lovelier place to be?

Clear out the…well everywhere!

From kitchen cupboards filled with old spices to an attic of used items, use this January to clear out the old and create space in your home. Our motto is, use it or lose it! Consider donating items to charity or even sell online, there are plenty of people who would be grateful for second-hand items as the pandemic continues.

Go green

Going green doesn’t just help to save the planet it also can save you money. From switching your light bulbs to recycling there are several simple ways that you can go green in 2021. Consider washing your clothes at 30 degrees where possible, get into the habit of reusing plastic carrier bags for your shopping and improve the insulation in your attic.

Rearrange and refresh

Once the Christmas decorations are put away you can try to rearrange your living room to give it a fresh feel or perhaps even a new lick of paint to give it a fresh look. Now that your Christmas tree isn’t stealing focus you can create a new focal point to catch your eye, or even a potential buyers eye, as you enter the room.

Tackle the toys

Those with children will know that toys can easily get out of hand! Now that Santa has been and the new toys need new homes, go through your child’s toys, games and teddies and see what can be sold or donated. You may want to encourage your children to help you as it shows them how good it is to pass on or sell their toys once they have grown out of them.

Create an office space

With many of us now working from homer more we are encouraging you to create an office or simply just a place for your desk that you can then step away from at the end of your working day. It’s healthy for your mind and body to keep these areas separate where possible allowing you to still enjoy both aspects of your life, giving you a good work/life balance.

We hope that our suggestions will improve your home and how you run it. If you’re planning on moving this year you can contact our team on 01633 870777 for a free market-led valuation