If, like me, you have probably eaten and drunk your way through the holidays, and are now promising yourself you will go for a run, or something equally as strenuous, then you will understand the need for a detox. No, I’m not asking you to drink some dreadful, funny coloured concoction, but when selling your home you need to have a property detox to get it in the best possible shape and maximise its potential.Ditch the Toys R Us look Kids plus Christmas creates an explosion of mega proportions. Not only does their excitement reach fever pitch, but then you have the carefree abandonment of the present opening. Paper, gift tags and packaging are flung across the room as they desperately try and reach the golden ticket inside. When you’ve finally cleaned all this away, they then proceed to decorate your living room with all of their new gifts.Okay, I love it really, but potential buyers are not wanting to see their gifts, as amazing as they may be; buyers simply want to view your home. Which is why it is a great time to start to de-clutter and find a space for everything - your children may be more willing to part with old toys so they can make room for their new things.You are not off the hook, though; when we say de-clutter, we mean every room. By starting now it will ease the pressure later, as you will have got rid of all the stuff you never use, things that are broken, and the ‘what was I thinking’ items. Trust me, you will be thanking me when you start to pack to move.Grotto-tastic Having seen the photos of our Christmas tree competition, I know some of you go a bit grotto-tastic at Christmas. I’m sure Father Christmas felt quite at home amidst all that tinsel and glitter, but I’m sorry, it’s time to pack it all away now.Our homes always feel bare when the decorations are down, but we also see things in a different light. You may notice that your décor needs refreshing, or that a couple of things need repairing. There is no time like the present to get into action and put those DIY skills to good use.But please, call the experts in if you’re more of a DIY disaster. Every detail counts when selling your home, and you don’t want to put off a potential buyer due to your poor paintwork.Little and large Our homes are filled with a variety of furniture, from a small side table to a large Welsh dresser, and each piece adds to the style and overall look. But sometimes the sheer amount of furniture, or its size, can provoke a negative reaction.Maybe you have a large unit that has been passed down through your family, but it’s too big. It takes over your room, making it feel smaller. Sadly, a potential buyer won’t take its sentimental value into account, they will just take away how small the room felt.By contrast, having too little furniture can also work against you. Have you ever walked into an empty space, and no matter how well it is decorated it feels quite cold? Many buyers also struggle to visualise a space with their own furniture, and can get quiet confused over sizes.Imagine you have a bedroom and you know it easily fits in a double bed, yet your potential buyers think the room is too small. The only way that you can show them the true size of the room is to place a double bed inside it. Then they can start to see themselves living in the room, rather than struggling to work out what will fit or not.First impressions Your interior is looking like something out of a glossy magazine, but what about the outside of the property? This is an area that many people neglect, yet it is one of the most important, as this is the first thing they will see, and so the first impression potential buyers will form of your home.Winter has probably not been kind to your garden and plants, so start to get some green fingers and get stuck in. Add some seasonal plants to add colour to your garden, and cut back anything that is overgrown. You want the exterior of your home to be so enticing that your buyers can’t wait to get inside and take a look.Perfect match With your home looking its best it’s time to choose an estate agent. There is no need to go speed dating or popping on Tinder; when it comes to selling your home, we know we are your perfect match.