Have you ever experienced that feeling when you go for a walk, jog or run and you’re surrounded by nature.  The wind blowing in your face, the dramatic and beautiful scenery that surrounds you, old trees, wildlife, there is always something to grab your eyes attention as you pass.  No matter whether you’re living in a village, town or city, if you looking to buy or rent, our desire to live close to something green keeps increasing. 

Although having a piece of private outdoor space is essential for many, this is not enough, as demand for properties close to parks and countryside keeps growing.  In this technological driven world where we seem to be attached to a screen at all times, we are seeking a break, a solace in the outdoors where we can completely switch off and enjoy some true quality time.

Healthier Lifestyle

There are many benefits to living close to any kind of green space, and there is no doubt that it can help us all achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  It’s a place to walk your dog, enjoy a morning jog or a de-stress run.  A park can provide a space for your children to play carefree and burn off some of that much needed excess energy, whereas the countryside allows them limitless adventures and can inspire their imagination.  What small child wouldn’t like to walk through a forest searching for the Gruffalo, or going on a mini beast trail.

It’s free

Any time when the kids are off school can be expensive, a small trip can start notching up the pounds from a ride to a drink and then an ice cream.  Parks and countryside provide a low-cost option for entertainment, pack a picnic and you’re ready to go!  Having such freedom close to your doorstep is a great selling point for your property.

Heart of the community

How many times have you gone to your local park, or set out along a country trail and bumped into someone you know, or even chatted to someone new.  Being in the outdoors brings a sense of community, a kind of joined pleasure in enjoying what we have around us.  Our parks are venues for community events, they bring us together and provide us a place to celebrate side by side.  In every strong community there is a green space playing its part.

The happiness factor

We don’t need to quote any scientific report to know that there are clear benefits to your health and well being by living close to and enjoying green spaces.  Studies have proven that just walking in the outdoors can help your mental health and aid to reduce stress.  Therefore living close to a park or the countryside can really make you happier.

Thinking green

Buyers and tenants today are using more of a holistic approach to finding a property, it isn’t just about the bricks and mortar that your home provides, but also the lifestyle the locality can give them.  We all need a little something green in our lives.

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