We know how frustrating it can be when you’re struggling to sell your home; it is as though your life is in limbo, as you don’t want to go back but you’re unable to move forward.  It may have something to do with the market, your agent may have taken their foot off the pedal, or it could be something else altogether.When vendors approach us because they’re struggling to sell their home, we often come across a lot of the same mistakes.Are you making one of these common errors?
  1. Perception doesn’t match reality
There is no delicate way to say this: you need to stop thinking that buyers can see past whatever decorative mishaps or presentation failures you present them with.  Buyers are looking for their dream home, and you need to create it for them.It’s hard work getting your home ready for sale, and we sometimes meet vendors who do not want to put in the time and investment it takes.Whatever your perception of the presentation of your home is, it most likely won’t match the reality of what buyers see.  If you want to move and achieve the highest possible price for your property, then you need to get an honest opinion on what needs doing.
  1. Believing the hype.
There are so many tools now that can give you a GUIDE to the appropriate price for your property.  You may have purchased a number of years ago and now, because you have undertaken work, minor or major, believe that it should have increased in value.It is easy to be lured in by an agent who gives you a high valuation; you want the highest price possible, and here is someone who says they can get it for you – brilliant!  My advice here would always be to ask for data on the original list price and the final sales price of some of their recent properties.  You need to ensure that the agent you choose is not going to ask you to reduce the price shortly after winning your instruction.I’m a typical Welshman, I say it as it is. I know what’s happening in the local market - I have probably sold a house on your street.  What happens nationally isn’t always reflected locally, but my team can tell you what properties like yours are actually selling for.We’re here to sell your home as quickly as possible, negotiate the highest price, and take it right through to completion.  Or, you can believe the hype.
  1. The price is right?
Buyers will negotiate. They want the very best deal they can get, you want the highest possible price - we are the artists in between, bringing the two parties together.I call us ‘artists’ because my team are exceptional at negotiating and finding common ground with which to secure an offer.Yet we are not magicians if you are not willing to negotiate you are more likely to find buyers running.
  1. Too busy
Work, kids’ classes, trips, shopping, going to the gym.  Our lives are one massive crazy schedule where all the pieces have to work together just to get through the week.I know how you feel - I’m a dad and a dad taxi.Buyers are also in the same boat. If you are too restrictive about the times at which they can view your property, honestly, they will just look at another home.You should never be too busy to help to sell your home.HonestyThe good thing is we can solve most issues and get you moving.For an honest conversation on why your home just isn’t selling, call a member of my team today.