The summer months tend to motivate buyers to find their next home. Whether it’s the longer days, warmer weather or more options available, you need to be prepared for an influx of visitors. To take advantage of the buyers in your area this summer, follow our advice to help sell your home quickly…

A Warm Welcome

Although the Welsh weather is certainly unpredictable, you and your home should always offer a warm welcome. By this we mean you should ensure that your front entrance is clean and tidy and, even if you’re not at the property during the viewing, have a cold beverage ready for your potential buyers to enjoy as they walk around.

Kerb Appeal

First impressions count and, although you may have impressed them with your initial kerb appeal leading to your front door, it doesn’t end there. Particularly during the summer months, potential buyers will spend more time outside, taking a good look around the whole of your property. Keep on top of cutting back hedges and your lawn as these areas will grow much quicker during the summer. Kerb appeal includes everything from weeds to windows. Most things look better drenched in sunshine, except for your windows – they will show up streaks so give them a good clean before a viewing.

Embrace the Summer

Allow light and fresh air into your home even before a viewing takes place; there’s no better smell than fresh air and the natural sunlight will really help to sell your space. Pull back the curtains and open a window, you may even want to purchase a few summer accessories to add some colour and brighten up darker rooms.

Be Flexible

The longer days mean that viewings may take place long into the evening; where possible try to leave the agent to show the potential buyers around by popping to the shop or over to your neighbours. As it’s also the summer holidays, some families may have time off and prefer a daytime viewing; it’s really helpful if you’re accommodating and allow us to show them around during their preferred times.

De-clutter & De-personalise

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, you always need to declutter and de-personalise your home before a viewing. This allows potential buyers to get a good feel for your space and visualise how they may use it. Clutter and personal items can distract buyers – it’s also a good excuse to get rid of any unwanted or unused items.

Pet Pong

We’re all aware that our pets can sometimes pong a little and, as houses become stuffy in the warmer months, that smell can be a huge turn-off for buyers. Keep pets and their spaces clean and ventilated and, during a viewing, take them for a walk or keep them outside where possible.

If you are considering selling your home this summer, contact our team on 01633 870777 for a free valuation then follow our tips for a successful summer sale.