What can Netflix teach you about selling your home? Well, usually nothing, until now! World-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo stars in a new series on, you’ve guessed it, Netflix. If you haven’t heard about Marie before, all you need to know is that she’s the queen of decluttering and is here to help you transform your home whilst you tidy.

Thanks to the likes of Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch, an Instagram star whose videos have attracted hundreds of thousands of views, it has suddenly become cool to tidy your home. Social media has meant that their cleaning hacks and tidying tips have propelled their popularity, boasting over one million followers each.

What has this got to do with selling your home? To achieve the maximum price for your home in the quickest time you will want to present your property at its best, allowing the potential buyer to see the space they’re buying. Here are some helpful tips from Marie to help you declutter your home.

Give everything its own place

Marie believes that everything should have its own designated space and suggests a daily methodical routine, which is particularly helpful in often-frequented areas like hallways and living rooms.

Wave goodbye to unwanted papers Once you’ve opened your post or read the paper, you no longer need it, right? File, shred or recycle but don’t pile it on side tables or units where it will be forgotten. As you go through your bills, see which ones can be sent online; many are now available digitally, which also makes filing easier.

Try out vertical storage

Arranging things vertically is very different to piling things up, according to Marie Kondo. This may sound like a strange tip but storing your belongings vertically is one of her most popular tips and can even be used in your fridge! Try out this space-saving tip in your home.

Ask yourself one question When decluttering your closet, Marie Kondo’s method suggests that you ask yourself just one question, “Does this bring me joy.” The queen of clean insists that you will know the answer straight away. Start by going through the clothes that you haven’t worn for a while and you’ll be left only with the items you truly love and need.

Change where you keep your change

Most people have jars and pots around their home where they keep change. Marie does not understand or agree with this and tells her readers to keep small change in their wallet to actually spend rather than allow it to be left around the house or even lost.

It’s healthy and helpful to declutter your home, whether you’re selling or not, but if you are preparing your home for sale perhaps you should add Tidying Up With Marie Kondo to your ‘to watch’ list. You’ll soon be transforming the way you keep your home tidy.

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