You’ve made the huge decision to place your home on the market.  As your property’s details are uploaded onto the web you’re filled with excitement and anticipation about your future move.  But what damage can be done if your home doesn’t sell quickly?The first 8 weeksThe first 8 weeks are crucial; this is when your property is launched, prospective buyers are informed and viewings are frequent.  It is a time of high expectations and, as agents, we work tirelessly to market your property in the right areas.  We want to ensure you have an attractive offer within this timeframe, and we will do everything we can to make that happen.Eight weeks laterAfter 8 weeks it is natural for enquiries to start to dwindle, this is why at Hathways we are constantly reviewing our marketing to ensure we are always looking for new markets where we can introduce your property.  We’re not the type of agent who sits back with an ‘if we build it they will come’ mentality, we are out there every day, actively talking directly to potential buyers.Sadly we are often approached by vendors who have had their property on the market with another agent who has not had the same tenacity in their service.  Their trust with their agent has broken down through frustration, lack of empathy and action.Buyers perspectiveWhen buyers are searching for a new home they are savvy, they will look into how long a property has been on the market.  If an offer hasn’t been accepted after 8 weeks they will wonder what is wrong with your property.  There may be nothing wrong with your property, but their perception is such because it hasn’t been sold.They may ask for a viewing but are more likely to offer a lower than expected offer as again their perception will be that you are now eager just to be sold so any offer will do.But does the fault lie with you or your agent?PriceIf a property seems overpriced compared to the rest of the market, buyers will spot it in a flash.  It is alluring to accept the agent who has told you he can sell it for XXX which is above that quoted by two other agents.But this is where alarm bells should be ringing, are they pricing it to win your business or pricing it to sell.To us it’s a no-brainer; if we don’t sell your home then we are not doing our job.  We know how the local market is performing, and which streets are on the rise, our appraisal on your home will be taking into account these and many other factors.  We always seek to get you the highest possible purchase price in the current market and price it as such to sell.But if you demand a price and fail to accept our assessment of your home, then you will probably find yourself frustrated when the agent requests you lower the price a few weeks later.PresentationUnless your property is to be marketed as a ‘fixer upper’ then you need to do everything you can to present your home to be the best version of itself.Cleaning and tidying are a start, but home staging is more than being immaculate it is projecting a lifestyle that people will want to have.  You will have seen in home improvement shows and in magazines, where they create a sense of a home by using accessories and carefully placed items.You will have seen images of homes where there is a loaf of bread stylishly placed on the work surface.  A garden lounger with a throw and a good book, a dining table with a couple of place settings, each little touch will allow them to start to imagine what it would be like to live there.When you start flicking through properties online, you will see for yourself those that have put in the hard work to sell their homes and those that haven’t.  A carpenter is only as good as his tools, so give your agent the best tool possible and present your home to win buyers hearts.Buyers perception“A unstaged house is uncared for and unloved, it may be full of hidden horrors. ““This home is clean and tidy but there is no soul or life, it is boring.”Neither of these comments may be true about your property but it is not us, your agent you are trying to convince it’s your buyers.Act nowDon’t wait to be frustrated, list your property with the agent who knows how to get the job done.