A few weeks ago I headed to Chamonix to go skiing. Let me set the scene: picturesque mountains covered with thick white snow, people having fun, and of course some of the local tonic to keep us warm. Now focus in on the guy spending more time on his arse than his skis, can you see him? Yes, that’s me! In typical Welsh banter I was often met with ‘Captain Slow’ and ‘Eddie the Eagle’ when I stepped on the slopes- I took pride in my new given names.If any of you have seen the film of the life of Eddie the Eagle you will have followed his many highs, lows, crashes and injuries it took to get him to the Olympics, even when so many people around him expected and even wanted him to fail. So what does this renowned Olympian have in common with Hathways?As my many remaining bruises prove, falling on snow is not that soft at all, especially when you are going at speed. So imagine the sheer lunacy and pain you must feel wiping out on a ski jump – I think the many injuries from the TV programme Jump are a key indication of what’s at stake here. But no matter how much it hurt, Eddie would get back up and try again with the same energy and tenacity as he had the first time.If your property hasn’t moved quickly, there can be a steep drop off of interest from potential buyers. This is where you will see the energy of some estate agents start to dwindle, when realistically this is when they need to up their game. My skiing antics are proof that you can’t stop me no matter how tough it gets, and it’s this mentality that is at the heart of Hathways.Therefore, should your sale fall through, or your property is moving slower than we would like, we will take stock and find a new direction and marketing strategy to ensure interest in your property remains.Now my mates may say that every time I put the skis on I was taking my life in my hands – that may well be the case, but I’m not afraid of taking a risk here and there. At the 1988 Olympics Eddie decided to jump 90 metres for the first time; the risk was mammoth, yet Eddie didn’t want to quit without giving it a try.When it comes to selling your home, we too will not be afraid to step into the unknown to achieve a sale.   Whether it’s by trialling a new form of technology, stepping outside our comfort zone, or finding an innovative solution to attract potential buyers, we think some risks are worth taking.When it comes to negotiating the offer on your property, you want someone who is going to fight your corner all the way. Eddie started with very few supporters and many critics. As an estate agent, we know we have to battle the preconceptions about our industry before we can win your trust. By showing you how we fight to achieve you the highest price possible for your property, you’ll understand how hard we will work to ensure that we don’t just sell your property, but make sure that the sale completes.The sales process is a time when many things can go wrong if you take your eye off the chain. My team are masters at keeping a chain together, as well as keeping you fully informed of the status of the sale. I hate to use clichés, but they really will go above and beyond to ensure that you can move into your new home as swiftly as possible.We may not be a large chain of estate agents, and we haven’t bought a cabinet full of industry awards, but as Eddie the Eagle proves, it isn’t about what you have, but how you act and deliver – that’s what makes you a winner.